Too often we think we’re listening to our child, but really we’re scrolling through Facebook, or thinking what to have for dinner, or worrying about how to do whatever needs doing. And we’re not really focusing on them.

A friend came over the other day, and said she’d deleted facebook because her toddler daughter hated her being distracted on the phone, and she said it was easier just to delete the app, and be present with her daughter.

I need Facebook for business, but it did get me thinking.

How often are we truly present? How often do we really listen?

Eckhart Tolle talks about this in his wonderful book, “The Power of NOW.”

It’s about being present in this moment. It’s about listening to our children, and our partners. It’s about enjoying the present moment and taking a moment to appreciate your life. How often do you look at the blue sky? How often do you notice the blossom on the trees?

Having children is such a wonderful gift because it enables us to see the world with fresh eyes. I find myself getting excited by the sight of a plane or a train (in toddler speak “aboo” and “choo choo”) even when I’m not with my son. Being able to discover the world with a little one has enabled me to appreciate the microcosm of my surroundings in a way I wouldn’t have done before kids.

Multitasking is basically pretending that you can juggle two things at once – when you can, but you do both badly, and get so stressed! Do one thing at a time, and do it well, and you’ll feel so much better, and get more done.


  1. When you’re with your children, be with them, and love every second of it, even if you’re with them for less time because you need to get some help to look after them while you work
  2. Write out your to-do list the night before, so you can get up, and get on, and avoid the faff
  3. Allow space in your day/week for catch-up time to do all the stuff that you haven’t done
  4. Take breaks from working and screen time to appreciate the moment, and get some air… you’ll be more productive in the long run
  5. Give yourself a break if you don’t achieve everything

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