VIP Intensive Coaching Days

A day just for you and your business dreams

Are you a driven woman with a business (or a business idea) looking to get stellar success in just ONE day? This is for go-getting entrepreneurs that want to take immediate action in their business (or your biz on the side), and you want one day devoted to your business and your goals. We will get really focused, and very clear about your grand plan (with a little bit of luxury and pampering thrown in). 

It’s a day to put all your attention and focus into you, and your business. We’ll spend the day in a boutique luxury hotel in either London or the Cotswolds (or 3 skype call sessions). We’ll add in some yoga to put you in the best possible space mentally, and some yummy healthy food to help you feel motivated and on track throughout the day. 

We’ll kick off with a one-on-one intensive coaching sessions in both the morning and afternoon, followed by a relaxing massage to unwind. 



One day to skyrocket your success

There’s something really wonderful about having an entire day to work on you and your business, don’t you think? When was the last time you had a full day just for you, and your dreams? An intensive is a unique way of putting uninterrupted focus and attention on your business that you can’t get any other way, which is what I love about them!! This is your present to yourself, your business, and your soul. 

You will hone in on your business dreams, gain the clarity you long for, and ramp up your passion so that you have the confidence as an entrepreneur to leap forward to the next level (or turn your passion project actually into a business reality when you’re just starting out).

This is an intensive, so we will focus and dig deep, and in such a beautiful, positive environment I often find that we achieve the same results in a single day that often would take months to achieve in other coaching environments. This is for women that are serious about creating their dream business and life. This is a total game changer!

(Please note: coaching intensive days can also be done over skype).

Preparation is key

Before we spend our day together, you will complete an extensive welcome pack to enable me to dig deep with you, and skip the small talk. It’s crucial that you do this work so we can reach your goals. The day is created especially for you, and your dreams, but these are some of the topics we will cover.


  • Get grateful for your truly amazing life
  • Get the confidence to grab the wonderful opportunities that are coming your way
  • Get to grips with your crippling anxieties and nagging worries that hold you back from being your best and most beautiful self.
  • How to say “no” with grace and gratitude
  • Start having more fun!!! Wooo hooo!
  • Kick to the curb those voices in your head that hold you back
  • Get control of the person that you want to be – your health, and your happiness


  • Learn to schedule your time (and the family’s) so that it works for you
  • Get the time you crave with time management
  • Learn to delegate in a way you can only dream of
Get the clarity you crave in your life and business goals


  • Rethink your money mindset so that you no longer say: “we can’t afford it”
  • Sell yourself with passion and credibility
  • Boost your sales, and have the confidence to sell yourself
  • Get specific about what you really desire
  • Radiate love for money, and feel abundant (yep, sounds woowoo, but I’m deadly serious, this is key to getting what you really love and desire).
  • Live the fabulous life you and your family deserve and dream of (yes that means travel and live where you like, and stop penny pinching).


  • Get clarity on your “brand story” and your unique talents.
  • Put a magnificent marketing plan in place
  • Get visible so that clients can find you!
  • Create your brand that you are proud of!
  • Design a gorgeous website that reflects you!
  • Create copy that connects with your audience
  • Social media accounts and how to crack Facebook and Instagram
  • Advertising copy that sells you without the cheese
  • Write emails and blog posts that excite you!
  • Build your email list to attract a fandom that publicise you!


  • Get really clear on your ideal client, and how to attract them
  • Find your “tribe”, and how to attract the mums, entrepreneurs or career women that you connect with

Your VIP Mama Luxury Intensive Coaching Schedule – $1,000

  • 7.30am: One hour of yoga, followed by breakfast
  • 9.30-12 noon: Coaching (with a break for coffee and the loo).
  • 12-1.30pm: lunch
  • 1.30-4pm: coaching (with a break for coffee and the loo)
  • 4.30-5.30pm: massage


Give yourself the gift of one day to create a life and business you love!

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