One on one coaching

One on one coaching

Sometimes the only person standing in your way is YOU

Do you spend your time comparing your life to everyone else’s and wish that you could experience life to the fullest –  take your family on holidays when you wanted, live where you wanted, and make the impact on the world you dream of. Sometimes we all need a little push out of our comfort zones. This is your time to go for it, and create YOUR OUTSTANDING LIFE that you’ve always wanted, but never quite had the courage to go for. 

It’s your time to just bloody do it!


It’s not a case of being cleverer, or prettier or thinner, or younger… You are enough. It’s getting rid of your fears, and just making it happen! It’s about doing it even when you don’t feel ready. It’s learning the exact strategies and steps to take, and reconnecting with your passion to make it happen! 

It’s time to reconnect with your passion and start taking action 

Create your dream business and retire your husband!

I am on a mission to help you..

…the entrepreneur, coach, or driven woman who is ready to make an impact on the world.

Over the next 16 weeks, we’ll go on a strategic, entrepeneurial and sometimes emotional journey to create a business that brings you so much joy and fulfilment. We’ll look at your passions and goals, and implement strategies to skyrocket your success.

Love what you do, get paid your worth and still have time for rest of your life.

4 months of one on one coaching for £3,000

This is for the ambitious and driven woman that wants to create her outstanding life (even if she doesn’t feel ready). It will require passion, and commitment from you. Let’s make your business dreams a reality:

  • 12 x 45 minute one-on-one sessions
  • Email and text messaging contact
  • Bespoke resources and videos
  • I’ll draw on my toolkit of coaching techniques from my masters and diplomas in coaching including: positive psychology, Human Givens Technique, NLP, DISC personality profiling, and EFT 
  • We’ll dig deep with your dreams and ambitions, and hone them and make them a ROCK SOLID REALITY. YOUR DREAM BUSINESS IS GOING TO HAPPEN!!!
  • We will look at your beliefs about money and look at why your money story may be holding you back in your life and business and you didn’t even realise it.
  • We’ll uncover those self-beliefs that no longer serve you, REBOOT YOUR BRAIN and create new thoughts about your life that help you to create the life and business you want. We’ll do this through affirmations, and journaling, and meditation.
  • We’ll look at YOU: your brand, your story and how to market you and your business. I teach you how to publicise your story and make it something that sells your business and enables you to life big.


“In my very first session, Lucy was able to get me how to look at my life & goals in new, refreshing perspectives, and pushed me to do things that I wouldn’t have dared do before. Working with Lucy enabled me to expand my business, earn more and take on more clients, but work less! She helped me see myself as a content creator for all kinds of platforms. As well as working in TV, I create content for online companies, and coaches, and have doubled my monthly income, which has definitely removed a weight from my shoulders! She makes you believe that you can do it, even when you aren’t sure that you know what you’re doing. She’s understanding of anxieties, and incredibly warm, and open.”


Freelance TV producer

“Lucy helps you to find the answers within yourself. Her helpful discussions and exercises unlock the potential you hold within. Within just a few sessions you find yourself achieving your goals, and getting stuff done when you didn’t think you had the time or the money or the knowhow.”


Lawyer turned landscape gardener

“Lucy has transformed my thinking and energised me to achieve things I didn’t think I could do. She never tells me what to do. Through her expert coaching process, she shines a light on my own thoughts and helps me to dig deeper to find solutions. Her warmth, intelligence and bright personality are truly inspiring and motivating. I thoroughly enjoy working with her.”

Sarah Dawson

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