My story

My story

I grew up thinking that I would change the world

Hello Gorgeous, I’m Lucy Griffiths!

I was the girl with big dreams. I dreamed about making a real difference in the world. After university, I became a TV news reporter and travelled around the world working for a major news organisation and got to witness history in the making – I followed US Presidents, and UK Prime Ministers around the world, I interviewed Hollywood film stars, and I reported on earthquakes, tsunamis, and conflicts. 

I know what it’s like to want to create an impact on the world, and still be there for your family. When my son was born, I knew that this was my chance to make a difference in the world and I didn’t want to settle for a career that no longer rewarded or fulfilled me.

He was the inspiration to leave my successful career in TV news, to start my own coaching business.

He was the motivation to go after my dreams and build a business – even when I was scared about quitting my job.

My fears almost got the better of me…

  • Could I really do this?
  • Am I good enough?
  • Where would I get clients from?
  • Yes, I had a masters in coaching and various diplomas but what gave me the right to do this?
  • Would I ever earn as much as I did before or would we have to sacrifice our lifestyle as a family?
  • What if I failed? Would I have to go back to my old work feeling like a failure? 
  • Would I ever make it work? And be successful? 

It was just a case of taking the leap and just BLOODY DOING IT!

Building a business can be totally overwhelming to start with. You have to find a way to produce the same level of income, stand out in a sea of sameness, and build a brand that you love and your clients love. 

Which is why I adore doing what I do… I get to help clients get the confidence and belief in their business, and to seriously transform lives. I get such joy from making impact on the world and changing lives from my laptop.

When I was on maternity leave, I accidentally fell into renovating property and Airbnb rentals, and created a 7 figure property company. While I loved playing interior designer (and the money was wonderful!), I wasn’t following my true passion. 

I desperately wanted to be a coach, and when I first started out I was really unconfident, and trying so to make it work that nothing was really working!!! I was overwhelmed and frustrated, after what felt like months, I plucked up the courage to hire a success coach. I knew that I couldn’t afford to fail, but I was petrified that it wouldn’t work and I would feel like a failure and even more stuck.

Now, I work with women who feel the same way when they come to me. They are seeking the confidence and clarity to set up a business. Often they’re frustrated with the constant juggle to manage work and family, and be rewarded and fulfilled… 

Why Lucy?

Over the past three years I’ve coached hundreds of women, and it’s wonderful to see them thrive and flourish in life and their businesses. I’ve coached women from all backgrounds – from lawyer to gardener, from journalist to fashion designer, from marketing to blogging – and I passionately believe that you can live your version of wonderful. You can have fabulous adventures with your family, and give them the love and the time you want to give them without compromising your career.

You will rediscover the passion that somehow got lost along the way!!!

I’m on a mission to help you take charge of your destiny, build an outstanding life, and create a business that works for you! There’s no second chances.. you only get ONE LIFE! Do something that you’re proud of, and that makes you happy!

I have a Masters in Life and Business Coaching, and various diplomas from different coaching bodies, and certificates in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), DISC Personality Profiling, and am trained in the psychological system, the Human Given Technique, and I have a Masters in international journalism, and a BA Honours Communications. But that doesn’t really matter, it’s how we connect. How I will empathise and understand your journey. 

I remember feeling so fearful when I wanted to quit corporate life and set up my own business. I knew the hours and travel in my work in television was not compatible with family life, and I had no choice but to create Plan B that fitted with childcare and bedtimes. Confidence isn’t something that you naturally “have”, it’s a mental muscle that you work on, and when you shift your mindset, your confidence levels soar! I’m absolutely passionate about helping women like you get the confidence and clarity you need to reach your full potential.

I will help you to thrive and flourish, hold you accountable to your goals, and give you a big fat virtual cuddle when you need it… And my clients will also tell you that I’m a professional arse kicker when I need to be. I will support you in stepping up, and standing out professionally.

There’s so many perks to running your own business… I routinely work from our holiday apartment, and we take holidays when we like, and I fit my day around my life and family. Imagine being able to work when you like, work where you want, and never ask permission to go on holiday!!!


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